Estesis Voice ID

Voice biometric platform
About us
Estesis is a team of machine learning professionals from Russia
We have assembled a highly qualified team of fintech developers and researchers in the information security, voice biometric and computer vision.

Having implemented more than 15 large Russian and international projects in machine learning. We invested our skills, money and resources into creating our own product, relying on our team's experience and understanding of the subtleties and security vulnerabilities of client companies that work with finances and user data: for example, banks, developers of smart technology, telecommunications, retail.

We are proud of our unique Voice ID Voice Verification System. It makes your business safe with scientific precision.

Can you trust your voice?
The system compares the voice test pattern with the user's voice pattern (enrollment set) to determine the similarity (verification task).
The user sends a reference biometric voice fragment to the system.

After the user is verified by the access control system, a verification fragment is sent and compared with the reference template.

Next, the user receives a probabilistic assumption that his voice belongs to this voice fragment.

High quality is our safety standard
EER - Equal error rate
Verified in laboratory and production tests
Standard audio samples - 7 sec
0,5 - 3%
Ultra-short sample - 3 sec
result on SDSV Challenge 2020 in different languages
Uniqueness and advantages
Voice fake detection: rewriting attacks, speech synthesis and voice conversion
Compared to text-dependent, it is more convenient because the user can speak freely to the system
Don't worry about the language the person communicates with your system, as it supports several languages
Easy start. Simple with our test API
Request Demo access to API right now, check high quality Estesis Voice ID and use one of the safest biometric verification systems in your product
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Estesis is based on the principles of openness and transparency. We share information about the technologies used in our work. Follow us